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Guided & Supported Transformation Is Here For Your Now

Our Divine Download for July 18, 2023 is Transformation from The Psychic Tarot. This is a major arcana card (kind of like trump cards in traditional playing cards) and in other tarot interpretations this card would be considered the Death or Release card. But I love this card because it is ALL about transformation and typically has nothing to do with literal, actual death. You are in a period of profound transformation. This transformation could feel like a proverbial death and as such, there may be some grief involved, even if what you are grieving is an old, out dated, less effective way of being. But it is also a release. This transformation will release you from the ties that bind you so that you can experience a proverbial rebirth and begin at least some part of your life anew. If you have been in a particularly challenging cycle of your life, this is your sign that there absolutely IS light at the end of the tunnel and that everything is going to be coming up roses for you, sooner rather than later. The images on this card suggest that some of these changes may blow you away and cause you to feel more than a little off balance. But you are divinely guided through your intuition (so maybe tap into it a bit more, like during your meditation time...) and also have extra protection right now while you go through these profound changes. So your guidance is to find something solid and sturdy to hold onto and grab on with all of your might and intuit your way through this transformation. You've got this. And it's going to be better than you ever thought that it could be.

Your Angels understand that change isn't easy for us mere mortals and that this type of profound transformation can be a bit unsettling. They will offer guidance and reassurance during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Schedule Your Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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