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Hang In There, It's Almost Time

Our Divine Download for December 28, 2022 is Patience, Please from the Magical Messages from the Fairies Oracle Cards. Oh Lord, I just said the p-word. I can hear the groans and see the eye rolls from here. Even though we bristle at the word "patience," especially after ALL of the timing challenges that we've had this past year, this is actually a great card of reassurance that what we desire is absolutely coming to fruition. We just have to wait a little bit longer for that to happen. It is a matter of timing. It is not the universe's way of saying "No" which is so often our interpretation of the word patience. Rather, it is the universe's way of saying "not yet" and often this is because there are events happening behind the scenes and in the ethers that we cannot see or simply do not even need to know about that are shifting our situations and our circumstances so that when our desires do come to fruition, we end up receiving something EVEN BETTER than what we originally wanting or asking for. Waiting isn't easy or fun and it's definitely challenging in many ways to the human condition. But sometimes, often, it is necessary for things to line up perfectly. How many times have you been frustrated by the timing in your life only to have the end result be worth waiting for or better than you could possibly imagine? Why would you think that this wouldn't be the case now, particularly when the Angels are guaranteeing that it is?It's all happening. Just hang in there for a quick sec!

Time does not work the way that our mere mortal minds try to make it work, so when our Angels promise us that something is coming in for us or something is happening, it just might not be in the time frame that we would like or that we anticipate. Our Angels will reassure us and even possibly provide us an outline of the potential timing of our situation during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Schedule Your Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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