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Happily Honor Your Needs

Our Divine Download for July 9, 2022 is "Happy is the one who attends to the needy." from the Healing Cards. "How easily are you irritated by the needs of others? Give away some of your time today, but not in a therapeutic sense. Attending to the needy also includes surprise acts of kindness." Often when we find ourselves easily irritated by the needs of others it is because we have been ignoring or denying our own needs. We cannot pour from an empty cup and just like they tell us on the airplane, we have to put our own oxygen mask first in order to be able to best assist others. We are raised in a society where we are taught that it is selfish to focus on ourselves or take care of our needs and most of us do not have a truly functional definition of what self-care is or how it needs to look for us. Are you in touch with your own needs? Which of your needs are being met? Which of your needs are not being met? It is our responsibility to seek out to ensure that our needs are being met in a healthy and appropriate way and not to assign responsibility to meet our needs to others. The other side of that same coin is that when we require assistance in meeting certain needs, we need to be willing and able to ask for and allow ourselves to receive that help and not further deny fulfillment of our needs. We also need to be willing and able to show up for others and to meet their needs, especially in our closest relationships. When we are irritated within those dynamics or by those requests, we need to be willing to honestly assess if that is about us or about them or their request. Be willing to allow yourself to experience the joy of giving in a balanced way as this is a healthy part of feeding your soul and being a kind and responsible human as well.

We can deny our needs for so long that we lose touch with what our needs truly are. Our Angels will help us rediscover our needs and those lost parts of ourselves during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Schedule Your Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!

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