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Happy Healing!

Our Divine Download for August 26, 2022 is Healing/St. Padre Pio from the Saints & Angels Oracle Cards. This is a powerful card because it signifies not only healing, but the power of prayer, however you define prayer. Whatever requests you have made for healing have been heard and answered. The situation is surrounded by the universe's rejuvenating love and is resolving itself in miraculous ways. Because your prayers are extra powerful right now, sort of like you have a direct line to the divine, keep them up. We don't want to forget or stop asking, or sacrifice our role in our manifestations right as they become tangible. Remember too, that when we involve the help of others, even in the simple way of asking them to pray for us or send energy up on our behalf, it only amplifies the results of our requests. Don't overlook the part of this message that acknowledges your own healing abilities and please don't ignore or fail to nurture your natural talents as you are meant to use them to help yourself and others in a profound and powerful way. Sometimes those of us that pray most often for healing do so because we are in fact the healer. St. Padre Pio heals and helps those who follow the path of the healer will inspire you to make any necessary changes in your life and will protect you during this process. Rather than asking, or even begging for healing, try envisioning yourself, others, or the situation at hand as healed. What would that look like? What would that feel like? When you can connect with the energy as though it is already so, so it is. Happy healing!

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