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Happy Trails to You!

Our Divine Download for August 15, 2020 is Safe Travel brought to you by St. Christopher from the Saints & Angels Oracle Cards. St. Christopher is reassuring you than ANY travel that you undertake now will be guided, protected, and done so safely. This is not just limited to physical travel, and doesn't just need to encompass taking a trip per se

. Travel done through guided meditations is also advantageous right now. Spiritual journey and transformations are favored as well. Starting, enhancing, or changing up an exercise program is also positively aspected. Basically anything that you can do right now to GET MOVING is suggested and will be divinely guided and protected. This can be in your home, your career, with your children, in your relationships, even rearranging this within your physical space. Today is the day to begin to move. If you've been hesitant, if you've been worried, if you've been waiting for a sign: here's your sign. If you want or need to move but aren't sure how or which direction might be the best right now, you can connect with and seek out the guidance of St. Christopher to help you initiate the "travel" that might be best and most beneficial for you at this juncture. Though the promise of safe travel is delivered, the journey, the movement that this card brings into focus is more of a personal journey, one that you are meant to traverse not alone, but in tandem with your fearless guardian and protector St. Christopher. Call on him simply by asking for his help, guidance, and direction. And, whatever you do, however you do it, GET MOVING! Happy trails!

When you know that you want to get moving, but might not be sure of where to go, or what your best first steps to take are, let your Angels guide you with a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading! Book s Session: Here!

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