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Harmonize Your World Through Balance

Our Divine Download for July 3, 2024 is Balance "I bring a state of perfect harmony into my world, and I do so without judgement" from The Soul's Journey Lesson Cards. Balance means bringing a sense of stability and wholeness into every area of your life. Many times when you look at a situation objectively, you will resonate with one side more than the other. This is human nature. Try not to view either as good or bad, but simply recognize that it just IS. The true nature of the scales of balance is to give both sides of a situation your equitable, objective perspective. It can be difficult to understand what you don't personally relate to, but that is a lesson in itself. What is it about YOU that prevents you from giving both sides of the proverbial coin your nonjudgmental assessment? This situation or person has been placed in your path to teach you that everyone has his or her own unique, authentic life story, and that you must put yourself in that person's shoes to really understand their motivation. Balance is a godly virtue, and if it is stuck, you will reap the benefits of insight and compassion. This card also appears for us to signal us that those areas in our lives which may have been out of balance are coming into better balance. There may be action steps that we are required and inspired to take in order to bring this state of better balance and harmony into our lives. Be willing to do whatever is necessary to experience as much balance as possible.

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