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Harvest Season

Our Divine Download for August 1, 2020 is Manifesting Dreams "Your dreams are coming true!" from the Gateway Oracle Cards. This is clearly a card of timing and of cycles with the harvest imagery featured so prominently. This card is assuring you that your dreams ARE coming true. Not that they might be coming true, or maybe, sort of in a way be coming true. But that they absolutely ARE. Don't stop the flow by doubting the process. Everything is unfolding for your greatest and highest good, even better than you can picture or imagine. The seeds that you've planted are ready for harvest. These may even be seeds which were planted in previous life times. But they ARE coming to fruition. Sometimes, it's simply a matter of being still and allowing the harvest to come to you or to signal that it's ready and that it's time for you to shift into the action of harvest. Sometimes it's simply a matter of opening your heart and aligning with the knowledge and the belief that you deserve your dreams to come true (ALL of your dreams). Can you do that? Can you be still? Can you open your heart and align with the fact that you're worthy of greatness? Timing is everything. You cannot rush the seeds to harvest. You cannot influence the timing of the growth cycles of the harvest just by wanting it more. But you can ask for guidance as to whether there are any necessary action steps for you to take in order for all of your beautiful heartfelt dreams and desires to come into being in your life. You can be willing to follow the guidance that you receive. You can release anything that may be holding you back from accepting the unlimited abundance of the Universe. You can get clear on what it is your truly want and desire, the very nature of your dreams to allow their manifestation and subsequent harvest to flow easily and gracefully. And you can accept. Accept that your dreams are coming true right now. Accept that you ARE manifesting your dreams!

Sometimes during the manifestation process, it might feel like the seeds you've planted are taking forever to sprout much less grow into harvest. These are the perfect times to check in with your Angels for some reassurance during a 60 minute Angel Card Reading Session: Book A Session!


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