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Have a lil Faith

Our Divine Download for August 16, 2020 is Miracle brought to you by Christ from the Saints & Angels Oracle Cards. Miracles happen every single day. Every. Single. Day. We just don't usually identify happenings as such unless it is the equivalent of parting the Red Sea. This is your sign to start looking at and redefining how you identify miracles and what you consider miraculous. When we consider Christ, of course we remember the miracle of the virgin birth. A miracle. But, in truth, is every birth not miraculous? Truly? Be open to these miracles. Be willing to acknowledge them. Christ is with you right now. He's with all of us in fact: the image on the card shows him cradling the Earth in his hand! Right now, he is designing a miracle just for you and the situation that you've asked about. He's shining his love on you just as the light of God shines on you, and your loved ones, keeping us all safe and protected. Christ reminds us that with faith, all things are possible. He is buoying your faith and lending his supreme belief in the power of the Divine to help you stay filled with trust and hope. You deserve the miracle that is being designed just for you. You don't have to be perfect to be worthy of a miracle. You don't have to be perfect in order to receive the help of the Divine. But, you do need to be open to receive. You need to be open to receiving help in a miraculous and even ingenious way. Affirm this openness to the Universe. You deserve this gift from Heaven. Miracles are not usually just beneficial to any one particular person, but rather, they help inspire faith in others. Be willing and open to receive your miracle and to share it so that your miracle will inspire faith in others. Because the world can definitely use more faith right about now.

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