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Heal, Empower, And Connect With Your Voice

Our Divine Download for September 18, 2022 is Mantra Shakti from the Kali Oracle Cards. "Her voice creates and dissolves universes. Her vibration within our souls creates our life path." You are being reminded that you too have the sacred power of voice? Are you using it?! How shall you express it? Do you use your voice, your ability to communicate, your divine connection to call for effective divine assistance in all ways? Well why the hell not?! What are you waiting for?! If you are not using your voice, and exercising your throat chakra in this way, you are effectively choosing to do things the hard way, all of the time. Every. Single. Time. Do not allow negative thought or speech to undermine your inner spiritual connection. Claim your voice and your power to create. Enhance and turn up the volume on your power to connect. Start taking the easy road! Listen for inner guidance and then set your course in motion. It may not yet be visible in the tangible, physical world, but a new order is generating within your soul. In time, it will manifest through obvious transformed physical circumstances. But, not if you don't use your voice. Not if you don't ask. Not if you don't speak. Not if you deny yourself that connection. Words are vibration. Even the teeniest, tiniest vibration has the ability to shake situations to their very core and to move literal mountains. Vibration heals. What healing are you denying to yourself and those around you by choosing not to use your voice? Sound is powerful. Your sound is no exception. Claim the power of your sound Claim the power of your beautiful voice!

When you are having difficulty connecting to your voice and expressing your truth and your sound, it can be because your throat chakra is blocked. An Integrative Reiki Session will help bring balance and healing to your throat chakra and to all of your other chakras as well. Schedule Your Integrative Reiki Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!

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