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Heal In Order To Ascend

Our Divine Download for July 20, 2022 is Chlorite/Healing from the Crystal Ally Cards. You can be assured that a time of great healing is upon you. The entire universe, and all of the heavenly helpers in your life are conspiring to help you heal in ways that were previously unimagined to you and for you. Healing is simply defined as the process of bringing the aspects and parts of ourselves that are out of balance back into balance again, however that needs to happen and however that needs to look. Many, if not most of our imbalances are caused by the belief in the illusion of separation from the divine, and from divine love. Chlorite has come to you to remind you that you are loved, and that any imbalances you have created can be healed by accepting that love into your life again. We cause ourselves so much suffering in our lives and in this world by what we choose to deny ourselves and each other, and it almost never serves us to be in that energy of denial. By accepting the healing that Chlorite offers, you can once again experience the beauty of connection to the divine source of all creation. We are on this planet at this time to step fully into the age of light, and in order to do so we must integrate all of the experiences that reside within our physical body. When we have done this, we can fully experience the clarity of our light body being connected to and anchored on the Earth plane. Chlorite's frequency helps aid with this rapid processing, healing, and integration of cellular memories and information, creating clarity in our bodies, emotions, and minds. Affirm: I honor my body as a vehicle for the Light.

Integrative Reiki Sessions can also help us with both healing and the energetic integration of our experiences. Schedule Your Integrative Reiki Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!

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