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Heal Through Conflict

Our Divine Download for June 7, 2022 is Betony from The Druid Plant Oracle. Betony embodies the energies of soothing discord, dispelling negativity, protection, confrontation, avoidance, and woundedness. Betony focuses on healing wounds as the ancients believed that it protected both the body and the soul. The wounds that you are focused on healing could be your own, or those within others. Betony encourages the positive resolution of conflict by focusing on productive rather than destructive conflict (and yes, there absolutely is such a thing!) through fostering clear communication and minimizing vindictiveness. The ability to resolve conflict, to truly resolve it and not just sweep it under the rug is actually a healing ability and we all possess the potential to heal ourselves and others in this way. Be mindful not to prematurely halt necessary conflict as it ends up removing the symptom without healing its cause and only brings temporary relief. Are you so focused on keeping the peace and avoiding conflict that you are not expressing a different opinion or an emotion that you perceive as negative? It is necessary to allow conflict because out of the clash of energies and views a new perspective and renewed closeness may emerge. Betony encourages healing wounds through honest and integral expression, whether that be expression of self, or expression to others, or both! It's time to support rather than evade the "conflict" of healing.

Emotional healing can sometimes stir up dissonant energies within our physical bodies, and we often store conflict that needs to be healed within our bodies. An Integrative Reiki Session will balance our energies and bring to our conscious awareness anything that needs to be healed. Schedule Your Integrative Reiki Session Today:

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