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Heal Through Mending

Our Divine Download for August 2, 2020 is Mending Bridges with the message "I heal rifts. I am a mender." from the Gateway Oracle Cards. There's a cosmic ton of conflict and separation in our world right now. It seems like there is conflict about everything and anything and that we have completely lost all perspective as well as the all important ability to agree to disagree. While certainly pandemic energies have us all on edge, is that really a justifiable reason to be forcing everyone and everything into categories and onto sides? (Hint: Nope.) This card is calling on you to be the mender, the fixer, to be the peace keeper. It's putting you on notice that it's not enough for you to be aware of what is going on, you are being asked to take an active role in making the world and all of it's relationships more peaceful and more harmonious. It's time for you to take a leadership role in mending fences and healing relationships in the world at large, but it all starts with doing so in your own life. There are times to drop everything and draw lines in the sand, and deal in absolutes and extremes. But this is not that time. This is a healing time. This is a time of giving everyone and everything some extra grace and extra space (including ourselves). This is a time to recognize if there are wounds inside of yourself that need to be healed or forgiven because it is necessary for you to transform those inner grievances in order to allow you to heal from and extend healing to the wounds of others. Do the necessary healing now for yourself and with others so that you do not need to carry that burden with you any longer, because your load is already heavy enough. Take the action steps to resolve, dissolve, and set down what you can in order to mindfully, intentionally lighten your load. It's time to reconcile those parts of the past that don't feel well or whole to you so that you're not carrying around the sharp, jagged edges of the pieces of unresolved situations.

When forgiveness and mending bridges feels too big and impossible, it can be because we have gunky funky chakras and a Flower Therapy Chakra Reading can be just the ticket to approach situations from a cleansed and balanced space. Book a Session!


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