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Heal Your Energy

Our Divine Download for April 25, 2021 is Energy-Healing Work from the Archangel Michael Oracle Cards. Everything is made of energy. This is a pretty basic truth that we all learned as small children in our earliest science classes. However, we do not ever treat ourselves as such. There's a huge cavernous divide in the western world between traditional western medicine and energetic practitioners, even though it has been demonstrated time and time again that an integrative and holistic approach is usually the most effective. Energy is ingrained in our day to day vernacular. We say "She is just glowing." "He looks drained." "There's a spark between them." "I feel so amped." Etc. I bet if you really think about it, not a single day goes by where you don't say something which is pertaining to someone's energetic field. But we don't bother to stop and take care of our own energetic fields. We don't employ regular energetic maintenance. Usually people do not seek out energy healing work until and unless they are feeling completely depleted and quite desperate. How's that working for us as a society? Energy work is thankfully not one size fits all. There are myriad types of energy work, and energy workers. The important thing is to find a modality and a practitioner with whom you are comfortable and where you feel safe. Ask yourself, your heart center, your spirit, your energetic body what it is you need right now and go with what you are drawn to, follow where you are lead. It may very well be that what your heart and your spirit crave right now is different from what they have needed or wanted previously, or will want in the future. Bio individuality is funny that way. With all of the harsh energies which have pervaded the recent path, our energetic bodies are crying out for some support, some attention, some balance. Hear their cries and get your energy work on. Energy work will actually support every aspect of your life, and that's pretty incredible. Give yourself the gift of this energetic support that we all so badly need right now.

Crystal Healing is a fun and relaxing way to energy healing work. Crystals each have specific energetic frequencies and offer an effective and relaxing way to work with one of the many gifts of mother earth. Crystal Healing Sessions can be so relaxing that the running joke is that it's the best way to "get stoned!" Book your Crystal Healing Session Today: Book Your Session Here!

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