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Heal Your Joy

Our Divine Download for December 3, 2022 is Unconditional Joy from the Archangel Raphael Healing Oracle Cards. Do you know why you are on this planet at this time? To live in joy. THAT is your life purpose. True, other, additional purposes and mission can add to your joy, but unconditional joy is your birth right. If you aren't in it, that's a sign for you that you are out of alignment and that there are some tweaks and changes needed in your life. If you cannot remember the last time that you experienced joy, unconditional or otherwise, that is a sign for you that you need to commit to prioritizing joy in your life. If you do not know at this moment in time what it means to you to be in joy, or what brings enjoyment into your life, than your assignment is to have SO much fun figuring out exactly that. We all lose our joy from time to time, or at least we misplace it. We live in a society that neither celebrates nor values joy. Other emotions, negative emotions, trauma, hardship, and all of those other headline grabbing non-joyous tendencies seem to be where we as a society put our focus and our value. And it doesn't serve us, not a single one of us. If it did, we would be walking around as more joyous group of people, and when was the last time you encountered anyone whom you could describe as being joyful? Tune into your joy. Turn the volume up on your joy. It's time to get your joy on in the biggest, baddest, boldest way. Joy is here for you now and it is time that you allow yourself to experience it unconditionally.

When we have lost our way and even ourselves a little bit (Or a lot) it can be challenging to even know where to begin to find our way back to our joy. Our Angels will guide us and direct us during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Schedule Your Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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