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Heal Your Past

Our Divine Download for May 7, 2020 is Healing From the Past from the Butterfly Oracle Cards for Life Changes. The past is behind you. It doesn't matter whether it is the 5 minutes ago past, the yesterday past, the last week past, the last month past, the last year past, or a previous lifetime past. When we don't take the time within the present moment to feel, truly experience our feelings, and allow them to flow through us, we can create recurring patterns as the Universe tries to give us additional chances to learn those lessons and experience what we need to in those moments. It's time for us to change those patterns of the past by facing and healing old emotional pain (lest it keep repeating again, and again, and again...). So often we declare that we're simply "over" something and we don't choose to pay it any more attention. That's great, but it also doesn't work. Unexpressed emotional pain attaches to our energy system and if it continues to go unexpressed, it can lead to physical illness and dis-ease. If when you think of a painful past experience, there is any emotional charge to it, be it sadness, anger, physical pain, then you aren't "over" it. If you're tired of revisiting the same issues, honestly ask yourself if you continue to revisit them because you hold close a core belief that there is no other way. Ask your Angels and your guides, a spiritual teacher or mentor, or trusted therapist or counselor for help, and for ideas, action steps to help you face and feel your honest feelings. Many times we avoid them because we erroneously believe that once we're in the sad or the mad or the pain that we'll never get out of it and it will be where we are forever. We reinforce this belief because we spend SO much time avoiding feeling those feelings. But, once we're there, and we tuck into the acceptance of that time with those feelings, it is usually MUCH less than we anticipate it will be. Our fear makes it bigger than it is, larger than life. It can sometimes be helpful to release physical objects like clutter by donating old items or throwing things away in this process. When we really accept, feel, and resolve old emotions and outdated emotional patterns from the past, we can sometimes even shed physical weight and chronic aches and pains which we may not have realized were related. It's time. It's time to let it go. It's time to heal. It's time to be free.


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