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Heal Your Thoughts, Heal Your Life

Our Divine Download for September 9, 2021 is Healer and Happy Thoughts from the Magical Unicorns Oracle Cards. We're being put on notice that we have the power to heal ourselves, as well as others, and our environment, and that all of our power is rooted in gaining control over our thoughts. The Unicorns tell us very simply "To feel happier right now, think about a memory or something else that makes you smile." Huh. How much time did you spend yesterday thinking about, evening wallowing in, things that did not make you smile? And how did that feel? How did that work for you? Our society kind of conditions us to focus on the gloom and doom and worst case scenarios. And our guidance isn't to never think about those things, or to turn a blind eye to everything that isn't shiny and happy that is going on in the world. But, we can control our thoughts, and we can heal our lives and our circumstances when we do just that. Instead of focusing on everything that is wrong within a certain situation or dynamic, choose to focus instead on those things over which you have control. Hint: you are NEVER going to have control over other people (thank goodness!) But those things that upset you, or that you are impassioned about, you can choose to see where and how you can effect change and create good and put your thoughts there rather than focusing on problems at hand. It's all about perspective, and that comes from keeping pretty tight control over our thoughts, and choosing where we want to put and keep our mental energy. Choosing to focus our mental energy on those things we can control and those circumstances where we can effect change has both an empowering and a healing effect on our physical bodies and our lives. Choose wisely my friends!

Our negative and fear based thoughts can take up space within and cause dis-ease within our physical bodies. An integrative Reiki Session will help you identify where you may hold these thoughts within your body and allow you to release them and any associated energetic blocks. Book Your Inegrative Reiki Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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