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Healing For Serenity

Our Divine Download for July 25, 2022 is Arnica/Hope for Return from the Flowers of Love Oracle Cards. Arnica heralds the end of pain, the return of a lover, faithfulness, loving happiness, recovery, liberation, forgiveness, and regeneration. Arnica used in homeopathic medicine is largely used to help reabsorb and heal bruising. Arnica guides you to forgive the wrongs of others and also to forgive yourself for your own mistakes. It is well past time to let yourself off the hook for your perceived mistakes. Constantly obsessing over mistakes made will only blow them out of proportion and will cause you unnecessary suffering. When we experience bruising on our physical bodies we all know that sometimes the imbalance caused by that bruise can cause us to keep hitting or injuring the same area over and over and over again - the same is true for our energetic and emotional bruises too, and this is exponentially so for those bruises that we insist on inflicting upon ourselves. It's time to grant forgiveness. It's time to restore harmony. It could even be time for a pact or compromise if that is what is going to shift and move the energy in your relationships and in your life. Arnica suggests that problems will be overcome. You may experience liberation from a long-held grudge at this time. There are likely to be reconciliations within your relationships dynamics. This could include the return of an old flame, or an old friend, and it can even mean the return to certain family after complete separation has occurred in the past. You may have to make necessary sacrifices in order to restore balance and harmony, but these will not be painful sacrifices or those that you may someday regret. It is more likely that these alleged sacrifices will be born out of reconsidered positions. All of this is leading to lovely healing and new found serenity in your life due to problems overcome.

Relationship dynamics can be so complex and our Angels see and understand so much more about and within these dynamics than we can ever hope to. Allow your Angels to help guide you through challenging relationship dynamics and reconciliation during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Schedule Your 60 Minute Angel Card Reading Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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