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Hello From Heaven

Our Divine Download for June 5, 2020 is Hello from Heaven featuring Archangel Azrael from the Archangel Oracle Cards. Your loved ones in Heaven are popping in with love and support. There's no need to worry about them - all is well. Death is very much an affliction of the living and it's an ongoing affliction as we very much miss those with whom we can no longer connect in a tangible way based in the Earth plane. But, we can still connect with our deceased loved ones and ancestors. It's simply a matter of learning to communicate in a different way, using a different language and different means of communication. It all starts with willingness, and with asking for and being willing to allow ourselves to receive signs from our deceased loved ones without talking ourselves out of the alleged realness of those signs. Signs can come though all forms and all of our senses, so please do not discount those that you are receiving. Chances are that if you think it is a sign, even if you question it, you already have your answer that it is indeed real. Because you can *feel* it's realness. Your heart and your soul, your spirit, always know what it real and what is true, even when your mind and your ego try to talk you out of it. There's a lot more peace to be experienced when you embrace and accept the realness, even of things which you might not understand on an intellectual level. They make sense on an intuitive level. When you can begin to let go of worries about your loved ones (I promise, it's all good for them now) and your worries about whether or not their communications are real and true, you can enhance your connection to their energy and better receive, hear, and interpret their messages. Archangel Azrael can help you with this process, if you simply ask for his guidance and assistance.

Mediumship Readings are here to help you connect more profoundly with your lost loved ones and to continue that dialogue beyond hello: Connect Here!


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