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Help Yourself to Romance

Our Divine Download for October 28, 2020 is Helper of Emotion from Guardian Angel Tarot Cards. In other Tarot Interpretations this card is considered the Knight of Water/Cups/Hearts/Summer/Archangel Raphael. This is also considered a court card, and court cards can be kind of tricky because they can represent a person who is coming or has come into your life, the need for you to take on similar characteristics as the Helper or Knight, or they could be a message about a situation. The Helper of Emotion or Knight of Water is an interesting guy because he's said to be in love with the idea of being in love (this makes him great for right now, or to help you fall in love with the idea of being in love, but he's not your surest or safest bet for the long term.) The Helper of Emotion, as the name of the card suggests, has shown up to help you with your emotions. We've seen several messages over the course of this week pertaining to our emotions during this time of unprecedented change and transformation. It's necessary to get out feelings in line and flowing in the direction and with the rhythm of our transformation. The Healer of Emotion is *all* about romance and love and even the arts. Are you in love with yourself? Are you in love with your life? If not, what's stopping you? What's holding you back? How do you expect anyone else to fall in love, be in love, or stay in love with you if you aren't in love with yourself? How do you expect anyone else to want to share your life with you if you don't absolutely love your life as is right here, right now? The Helper of Emotion has shown up to bring romance back into your life, and that all starts with you romancing yourself. What does it mean to you to be romantic? What does it look like for you to enjoy your own company? If it doesn't look exactly the way that you've always dreamed of it looking, be willing to make the necessary changes right now so that it does. You deserve nothing less. The Helper of Emotion also encourages you to open your heart in all situations, but especially those which directly reflect your love of self and your love of your life. Open your heart and be willing to invest in yourself romantically to inspire others to do the same.

When the outer world tries so hard to convince us that we are not lovable and to give us reasons to be unsatisfied with our lives, it can be challenging at best to fall in love with ourselves and our lives. Our Angels are always here to helps with some clarity and perspective and valuable action steps to help us fall deeply in love with ourselves and our own lives. Book a 60 Minute Angel Card Session Here!

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