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Here Comes The Sun!

Our Divine Download for June 9, 2021 is Sun, reminding us to "Enjoy Happiness and Success," from the Angels and Ancestors Oracle Cards.

We get an audio bonus with this Divine Download:

Know that no matter how bad it may have been, or for how long, the sun *IS* coming out for you. Believe that it is. Believe that happiness and success ARE your birth right. Believe that doors are opening for you. Right Now. Connect with the inner fire that moves you forward. Turn your face towards the sun, and know, that sun shines for YOU. The sun brightens up all connections and banishes darkness, bringing a sense of lightness, and connecting you to the energy of joy. You are being surrounded by the brightness of the sun. Allow it to encourage you, uplift you, and sustain you. Opportunities for success are all around you, swirling and dancing in the lightness of the sun energy. Relationships of all kinds move forward with joy and in balance, allowing you to be uplifted and feel happy. The warmth and joy of the sun comes to you now regardless of whether or not you are somewhere where it is currently, literally sunny. Solar energy, sun energy brings health and vitality, and renewal to all it touches, energizing and warming all it touches, encouraging growth. You are getting ready to shine as brightly as the sun. The Universe is giving you a resounding "YES!" to any questions you may ask at this time! Go forth and glow baby, glow. Your future's so bright, you've got to wear shades!

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