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Here Comes The Sun

Our Divine Download for May 3, 2024 is Sun from the Sacred Cycles Oracle. Where do you need more sunshine in your life? What areas of your light do you need to shed more light on? On cloudy days, sunflowers will turn their heads towards each other in order to be the sun for each other. Do you know who your sunflowers are in your own life? Are you investing your time and your energy in those people who feel like sunflowers to you? The sun gives life and shines light. What areas of your life could use a little pick me up in the life-giving or light-shining department? And what are you going to do about that? What about you? What about your attitude, your light, your shine, your radiance? Are you in a sunny cycle or a cloudy cycle? (We all have both, and essentially every single type of cycle in between and that's perfectly okay!) What do you do to bring yourself sunshine on a cloudy day (literally or proverbially?) How do you show up to be the sun, the nurturer, the giver of life and light for yourself, but also for others? How do you need others to show up for you? (And remember: your needs are always okay!) Take some time today and over the coming days to figure out what brings the "sun" the light and the life into your world and start prioritizing how you will invest in those things, whether they be activities, people, choices, actions, in-actions, etc. How do you (safely) connect with the sun itself? What is your relationship like with it? Do you have one? If not, it might be time to start thinking about how you do want and choose to connect with our great luminary in order to shed some more light on all of the areas of your life.

When we can't get to the sun, or it just isn't the sunniest of days, it can be helpful to interact with other aspects of nature like flowers, in a Flower Therapy Healing Session. Schedule Your Flower Therapy Healing Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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