Hold Spiritual Space for Healing

Our Divine Download for July 16, 2020 is You Are a Spiritual Teacher/Crocus and You Are Healed/Calendula/Pot Marigold from the Flower Therapy Oracle Cards. The act of sharing your spiritual wisdom with others (through which you will learn as well!) is very healing for you. BUT, you can't share your spiritual wisdom with others when you are busy talking about more mundane and less esoteric concepts. Spiritual Wisdom isn't based on your work or your opinions about current world events. Spiritual Wisdom is based on the fact that you are a spiritual being having a human experience. It comes from those things that you KNOW in the depths of your soul and from those things that you have learned through your hard won trials and experiences. This is the space that you are being guided to stay in. This is the space that you are being guided to communicate from. This is the space that will open the door for you to experience great healing. This is the space which will encourage similar healing in others. This is literally the place to be! Just as crocuses come up in the spring to remind us that life begins again and will flourish and bloom after the long, cold, hard winter, calendula reminds us of our potential to heal and be healed. And it assures us that staying in this spiritually centered, spiritually focused place is the quickest and the best path towards healing. Calendula products and teas can also help support us in these healing efforts, especially when we use them with the intention of healing. Your healing is here for you, it is upon you. And in that magical spiritual space, it will be seamless and beautiful.

When it feels challenging for you to view yourself or your situation as healed, or it feels challenging for you to hold that spiritual space for yourself in your life, it's the perfect time to check in with your guides and your Angels during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading Session: Book a Session!

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