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Home Is Where The Heart Is

Our Divine Download for February 11, 2021 is No Place Like Home from Wisdom of the Oracle Divination Cards. Where do you feel the most at home? Is it within your actual, physical home? Do you feel at home within your body? Do you feel that homey, comfortable feeling within your closest relationships? This is a card all about the comfort and the authenticity of home, your home. It is time to come home to yourself if you are not yet there. There is an energy here of arriving at a place where you just simply fit. This card harnesses the energy of being comfortable within your own skin. Are you? Why not? When are you going to allow yourself to get there? Home should feel safe and secure. You deserve home to feel safe and secure and comfortable. All of the time. Home in all of it's incarnations should be a soft, welcoming, comfortable place to rest. Your home, your true home, should be a place that you can truly can your own. This is a place and a space which is truly known in all of the ways of knowing. Wherever you go, there you are. Which is why it is such a priority for you to be at home and feel safe and secure within your own being and your own body. You are coming into your own and you are leveling up your feelings of home both within and outside of yourself. This could be a sure sign to you that the place in which you physically live, that you currently call your home, may be in need of some attention and some energetic or physical clearing or cleaning. It could be time to change your home base or to change your home space. This could be a sign to you that you need to invest in your home in a meaningful way which will allow you to feel better within that space. Perhaps you need to invest in yourself in a similar way. Home is where the heart is. Both literally and figuratively. What attention do your homes require from you right now? When was the last time that you asked them this? There truly is no place like home. So make yours an authentic representation of your true individual and authentic nature.

If it has been a challenge for you to feel truly accepting of and at home within your physical body, you may be experiencing some energetic blockages which are making it difficult for you to do so. Treat your body, your original home base, like the temple that it is and remove those blocks and balance your body during a relaxing Integrative Reiki Session. Book your session Here!

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