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Honor and Enhance Your True Nature

Our Divine Download for January 29, 2022 is Spirituality from the Numerology Guidance Cards. You are a spiritual being having a human experience - a human BEING rather than a human doing. This card is putting you on notice that it is time to go back to your roots and to prioritize your spiritual connection a bit more in order to enhance and improve every single area of your life. What might that look like for you right now? Your relationship with source, with the universe, however you define it is your path to inner peace - affirm this! How can you enhance your connection with the Divine? How might that improve your relationship to and with yourself? How might that improve the quality of your life? What comes up for you when you acknowledge the truth of your nature as a spiritual being having a human experience? How can you celebrate your relationship with the universe? What meaningful action steps will you take in order to strengthen your relationship with the Divine? There are no right or wrong answers here! Some may enjoy prayer, meditation, chanting yoga, mindfully experiencing meaningful silence, spending time in nature, attending a place of worship. Only you can know your ultimate path to the Divine. Only you can know and honor if that path changes over time and perhaps looks different now than it once did. Communicating with your lost loved ones, with your Angels, with your Guides is also another meaningful way to connect to the divinity of the universe and to honor the spiritual nature of all of us, especially when you ask for assistance and meaningful guidance. Our requests never go unanswered and there is no such thing as requests that are too big or too small. Be willing to ask. Be willing to honor this communion.

It can feel intimidating or challenging to communicate with your departed loved ones until you have developed a meaningful practice in doing so. Mediumship Readings will help you learn to establish this communication and make these connections. Book Your Mediumship Reading Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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