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Honor and Express Your Grief

Our Divine Download for February 9, 2023 is Ala/Grief from the African Rising Goddess Oracle. Grief is such an avoided topic within our society. Yet it is absolutely a part of our every day experience. We all lose things that cause us grief, and grief is a natural emotion. We are just beginning to dip our pinky toes into the pool of collective world wide grief that welled up and was created during the pandemic and everything that has transpired since. Some of us lost people. Some of us lost our livelihoods. Some of us lost our way of life. Some of us lost our ability to feel safe and to trust. Some of us may not yet realize the full extent of what we have lost or what we need to grieve. It takes time to thaw out after the shock of loss and we all experienced that to varying extents too. Even disappointments, that have nothing to do with the pandemic, but are just a part of our daily life, sometimes need to be grieved. Don't judge yourself for the nature of your grief. Give your grief to Spirit, to the Universe. Bawl, wail, cry, sob, shriek, scream, shed tears. Surrender to it. But let it go. Begin to peel back the layers of your onion of of grief. Your grief is taking up space that is meant for lighter, brighter, more beautiful things. You are holding unprocessed grief. Our tendency is to want to skip over it and get back to "normal," but grief doesn't just go away because we want it to or because you choose to ignore it. The only way to heal is to walk through it. Self-love and self-care are required. Ask for support - if not from the people in your life, then through your guides, your Angels, your deceased loved ones. Or, perhaps it is time to seek out a professional to help guide you through processing out your grief. Be gentle with yourself. Judgement does not do you any favors when it comes to surrendering to grief and only makes it that much harder. Our Goddess Declaration is "I am supported by my loved ones, those who are seen, and those who are unseen." Truly, you are loved, supported, and valued by all of the universe.

Grief is an emotion which is often pushed down and becomes stuck in the body. An Integrative Reiki Session will help to release grief in order to make space for other, lighter, more positive emotions. Schedule Your Integrative Reiki Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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