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Honor Appropriate Commitments

Our Divine Download for May 20, 2021 is Marriage/St. Catherine of Alexandria from the Saints & Angels Oracle Cards. What are you married to? Which ideas, behaviors, and patterns are you defending and deferring to as though you are in a marriage with them? St. Catherine is asking us to look at all of our commitments, the ones we make consciously and the ones that sort of sneak in and before you know it you're in a full blown relationship with them, in order to see if any of these relationships, conscious or otherwise, are truly still working for us. All of our commitments should be based on what's ultimately best for us. We don't commit to going to the gym because it's bad for us. But until and unless we take a step back and consciously examine what we're committed to and why, we might be surprised that some of the things which we've committed to, which we're married to, are not actually in our best interest. Mindfulness and present moment conscious awareness are our best bets for insuring that these unwanted, unhealthy commitments of thought and action don't occur without our full mindful intent and consent. There is great power in stepping back from time to time and asking yourself "why do I do that? does this still work for me?" We can course correct as necessary once we know what it is we are doing and whether or not it does or does not work for us. We're also being asked to be mindful about what (or who) we might not be committing to that we need to commit to. Are we letting ourselves off the hook because we haven't made a formal commitment? Is our lack of official commitment actually just a cop out? Sometimes we can inadvertently hold ourselves back by not going all in with a situation or a person and we play a trick on ourselves trying to deceive or psyche so that we are relived of the responsibility that comes from true commitment. But in the end, these types of situations often end up being more time consuming than they would be if we just got out of our own way, committed where we're meant to, and called a spade a spade. Relationships, commitments, and marriages (of all kinds) need to be evaluated from time to time, and we're being told that now is the time to be mindful of all of our commitments.

We don't always look at the things that we're committed to, especially our own behaviors, as marriages, but they are. When we're not used to looking at things this way, or being mindful of who and what we're committing to and why, it can be jarring to start doing so. Our Angels will always support us and lovingly guide as as we follow their guidance and make the necessary changes in our lives. Reach out for the support of your Angels during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Book Your Session Today: Book Your Session Here!

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