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Honor Your Anger, Connect With Your Strength

Our Divine Download for November 26, 2021 is Sekhmet/Red Lady from The Divine Feminine Oracle Cards. Her message is "I am pure strength. I honor my anger by giving voice to it." Sekhmet is an Egyptian warrior goddess with the head of a lion and the body of a woman. Lions were considered the fiercest hunter in Egypt and as such a sign of protection. Sekhmet is also the daughter of the sun god Ra. She reminds you of your power, and reminds us a a society that women have always had this power. It is modern society that confused this fact. Just as society has confused both the purpose and the beauty of anger. Anger gets a bad rap. At the end of the day, it is one of our divine right emotions and it is meant to be expressed in safe and healthy ways. When was the last time that you demonstratively expressed your anger? Do you have safe and healthy ways to do so? Holy rage, sacred anger, and positive aggression are states of being which are crucial aspects of the divine feminine. It is this female power that ends wars and seeks justice for the earth, and those who cannot defend themselves. When we are not able to embody the fiery emotion of our anger, that is when it festers or expresses itself in subversive, manipulative ways leaving us frustrated and anxious. Positive aggression is when we act with love on behalf of what breaks our hearts or enrages us will empower us to become true agents of change. Sekhmet wants us to come face to face with our true strength because power doesn't come from passive aggressive behaviors. She reminds us that anger is an essential emotion. She asks us to act with conviction and love. Her appearance is our call to action to bring anger from pure emotion into conscious action. Feel your own strength. Harness your own power. Allow your righteous anger to fuel you to create positive change in your own life and for this world.

Somewhere along the lines we lost our ability to connect with our anger in an honest and conscious way, but our anger, and all of the emotions stemming from its misuse and misdirection still exist for us and can create blocks within our physical bodies proliferating the cycle of our unhealthy anger. Break this cycle by addressing and removing those blocks with an Integrative Reiki Session. Book Your Session Today:

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