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Honor Your Sacred Body

Our Divine Download for June 1, 2021 is You Are Sacred/Tulsi from The Illustrated Herbiary Oracle Cards. Tulsi is also known as Holy Basil and is though of an alternate manifestation of the goddess Lakshmi, who brings the blessings and abundance of heaven to earth. Tulsi reminds us to be aware of, and stay connected to the unseen realms, to acknowledge spirit flowing in and out. Tulsi says "You're strongest when you let spirit help you adapt to the ups and downs of daily life." Ahem. You do not have to do it alone. You do not have to do anything alone. We get stuck in this pattern and this habit where we believe ourselves to be weak if we need to ask for help, even help from spirit. But Tulsi reminds us that this is where we are truly the strongest: when we ask, when we are connected, when we allow the exchange of spiritual energy, and open ourselves to receive divine guidance. Our own spirit flows through our physical form and because of this, our soul, our spirit, is fed through our body's senses. Your physical body is a home for your sacred spirit. Your physical body is where you connect your spirit to and with the divine. Your physical body is what supports you as you have your human experience as a spiritual being. As such, Tulsi asks that you come home to yourself. She asks that you partner with and love your physical body, rather than looking at it ass a nuisance, hindrance, or obstacle to your true spiritual nature. If we do not take the time and create the space to treat ourselves and our physical bodies like the sacred vessels and partners that they are, how can we honestly expect others to see us for or treat us as the divine and sacred beings that we are? It all starts with us. Acknowledge yourself as the sacred being that you are. Honor your physical body as the partner that houses, carries, and supports your sacred nature.

We are so used to blocking our connection to the divine and the sacred part of ourselves that we create energetic blockages within our physical bodies. A Flower Therapy Chakra Card can help us to identify and remove any blocks to honor ourselves as sacred beings through easy action steps. Book Yours Today: Book Your Session Here!


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