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Honor Your Signs

Our Divine Download for March 6, 2022 is Ask For A Sign from the Indigo Angels Oracle Cards. Our Angels, our guides, and our deceased loved ones send us signs all of the time. All. Of. The. Time. But we are often to self-absorbed or preoccupied to notice them, or we do not see them or understand them. Part of the reason that we don't see them or understand them is because we did not ask the universe, our guides, our angels, and our deceased loved ones for specific signs that we will easily recognize and understand. Ooops. Yeah, did you know that you can do that? Did you know that you're supposed to do that? Did you know that your Angels, guides, and deceased loved ones actually WANT you to ask? That they're WAITING for you to ask? We cannot receive what we specifically need if we do not ask for it. #facts So, ask! Ask. ASK. Ask, ask, ask, ask ask! And then ask again. The other reason that we typically miss the never-ending stream of signs that almost always surround us is because we choose to right them off to coincidence. Hint: there is no such thing. If you think that something may be a sign, it is. It. Is. It's usually that simple, it is almost always that simple. We complicate things with out doubt and through our disconnection. Why do we think that it is easier to doubt? Why to we do things that dishonor and weaken our connection? Why do we think that it is easier if we ignore, discredit, or discount our signs? Why do we doubt ourselves and our intuitive connection and our ability to accurately interpret signs? Hint: it isn't! It's always easier to choose to recognize and honor the signs that are naturally all around us. When we do, guess what? We receive MORE signs! The more we ask for and acknowledge the signs that we receive, the more in the flow that we will be, and the more signs that we will receive. This is the way.

Our Angels understand our nature and the way that our egos function and capitalize on doubt, and they are infinitely patient with us and will gladly help point out the signs that they are sending us during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Schedule Your Session Today:Book Your Session HERE!

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