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Hop That Fence

Our Divine Download for August 31, 2020 is Intention/Playing It Safe from the Quantum Oracle Cards. Are you missing out because you're fencing yourself in? There's a situation, circumstance, or even a place that you are choosing to stay in our of familiarity, inhibition, or self doubt. You're assuming that something familiar is predictable and therefore safe, but that's not necessarily an accurate assumption. You may be limiting yourself and limiting the joy that you could be experiencing in life. Oops. Only when your choice is based on a sense of genuine joy and a sense of honoring self does this decision resonate with your heart. It's time to look at ALL of your options, even those outside your current fence and know that you're resourceful enough to break though the fence of your own making. The world is abundantly beautiful and that beauty is yours for the taking, but you must leave the safety and shelter of your self imposed fence in order to do the taking. It's time to move on to something or someone new. You have the power to break out of your fence and make whatever personal changes you desire. The world is opening up for you now. You're more powerful than you think. Where hesitation and fear have held you back in the past, you are being assured that you have the power and the strength to overcome these self imposed limitations. You do not have to limit yourself or play it safe any longer. Sometimes the safest thing that you can do is take a chance! Affirm: "The world is a wonderful place, and I have all the power and resources I need to make it mine!"

Fencing yourself in and other self imposed limitations often stem from fear and from limited perspective. Allow your Angels to reassure you of your safety and expand your perspective during a 60 minute Angel Card Reading. Book a Session!


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