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Hop To It!

Our Divine Download for August 29, 2020 is Energy/Planning and Action from the Quantum Oracle. Ready, Set, Go!! It's time to get ready and go! It's time for some major planning and action in your life. It's coming, so you'd do well to be ready for it. Things are moving. This is a time of accelerated energy for you. TO take advantage of this energy, you need to make your goal a priority now. Better yet, make it THE priority now. If you feel the need to strategize and make specific plans, make sure you start now. Don't procrastinate, don't put it off thinking that you can plan later. Planning to plan just will not cut it. Especially right now. You need to follow up on your plans by taking specific, focused, regular action in the directions of your dreams and desired. Doing something just to be doing something won't cut it right now either. The Universe will response to your devoted planning and action by taking your seriously and delivering - even if it does not immediately deliver your desired results, it will deliver inspiration and additional action steps which will get you to where you want to go. Believe in your self and embrace your potential. The energy of your belief in self along with your gathered thoughts, made plans, and disciplined actions will move your towards your energetic finish line and any victory you desire. If you've been in a period of lower energy lately and feel that your life is littered with missed opportunities, delayed plans, and paths not taken, this card reassures you that it is not to late and reminds you that you and you alone have the ability and the responsibility to pick yourself up by the proverbial bootstraps and get to gettin'. Your first step is to focus your thoughts and harness your energy so that you can get clear on what it is that you want so that you can begin to formulate a plan and know which action steps need to be taken. You need to shake off the dust and the rust and focus hard and fast on what your greatest priorities are. It's time to reclaim your enthusiasm for life and to get back in the proverbial race. Affirm "Today's actions create tomorrow's results. I choose to take action in the directions of my goals."

When you're just not sure where to start or what to focus on, consulting your guides and your Angels with a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading can be super helpful to shake off the dust and the rust and get your head back in the game and allow you to become crystal clear and laser focused on what your biggest and most important priorities are. Book A Session!


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