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Illuminate Your True Self

Our Divine Download for August 7, 2020 is "Show the World the real you/Full Moon in Aquarius" from the Moonology Oracle Cards. Aquarius is a very individualized energy and full moons are both about cyclical endings, and also about illumination. Aquarius is an air sign and is also very much about thinking outside of the box, and thinking soley for yourself. The Full Moon in Aquarius card reminds you to be yourself in whatever is coming up or happening for you. The full moon shines it's light on your individuality and asks you to embrace it for all of it's glory. There are likely situations in your life from which you need to detach, at least a little, from, and to just do you in the meantime if you find that anyone is keeping you at arm's length. It's important to allow life to unfold and move forward even if that unfolding feels frightening (pro-tip: it's going to happen whether you fear it or not. It's going to happen whether you resist it or not. Take the easy way and be in the flow and allow Aquarius energy to help you breathe through the changes and challenges.) Embrace the unique characteristics that make you special and show the world the magic of your uniqueness. We tend to relate to others from a place of sameness, when our power and our magic usually lies in our differences not our commonalities. Honor your feelings through awareness while you move through the cyclical completion offered by the full moon energy on this card. Allow it to illuminate the feelings that are in your heart in order to bring you some needed balance between thinking and feeling energies. Aquarius with it's focus on uniqueness and individuality is also an energy that can indicate that a situation is going to come to completion in a completely unexpected way. As long as you are rooted and grounded in the full truth and expression of who you really are, even these unforeseen and unexpected twists and