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Imminent Movement is Necessary Now

Our Divine Download for June 23, 2022 is Thunderbird Clan from the Spirit of the Wheel Meditation Deck with the keywords imminent change, life force, and rebuilding. This card represents energy at the highest level and this energy must be expressed and must make its presence known. Now is the time where you are wise to be prepared for situations to move very quickly and even to become intense. Life force energy is the spark of the universe and the power that can ultimately create or destroy. Thunderbird is similar to the phoenix rising from the ashes, the Earth itself quaking, and the tower as we see it in tarot crumbling down to it's foundation, and it is the element of fire that brings action and change through the burning of the old in order to make room for new growth. Thunderbird signals an abundant glow of energy that brings you into a new cycle and cautions you not to block or resist necessary changes. Let the energy flow to ultimately create a better life that is more in tune with your spiritual gifts and your divine life purpose. It is when we resist that the false ideals that we have built come crashing down taking us with them and potentially causing collateral damage in our lives. Thunderbird Clan's Prayer is: "Great Spirit, help me to embrace the changes that are necessary for me to live out my truth. I honor the incredible power of Thunderbird energy. I will use this energy wisely to create a better life for myself, and a better world for all my relations."

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