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Infinite Potential

Our Divine Download for June 14, 2024 is Infinity/Unlimited Potential from the Signs of The Times Oracle. Ah, the infinity symbol, obviously one of my personal favorites. And really, there isn't much difference between this message of Infinite and Unlimited Potential and Infinite Potential Healing. There are multiple, numerous, infinite possibilities at hand in your life. it is a time to expand and focus on expansion in ways that you may have never previously considered. You are also being cautioned to avoid self-sabotage, especially within an on-going (and possibly seemingly never-ending situation). The infinite symbol, also known as a lemniscate, is a symbol that literally has no end. You can't pinpoint where it ends of begins, but it still continues. The possibilities truly are endless! Absolutely endless!! Dream big, set challenging goals, and break through any barrier - real or imagined. Anything is possible, so release any self-imposed limitations. If you are doubting your own ability, not it's time to believe in your potential. The lemniscate can also signify that you are on to something bigger than you can even imagine. Whatever ideas you have no can grow exponentially. This card is also a reminder to resist settling for less. It might appear easier, but you are destined for more. Keep going. Keep the faith!

It can be hard to narrow down which path we want to take when there are unlimited and endless possibilities. Our Angles will help us with this to identify the path most worthwhile for us during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Book Your Session TODAY: Schedule Your Session HERE!


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