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Inspiration Blooms

Our Divine Download for Friday April 24, 2020 is New Idea/Crab Apple from the Flower Therapy Oracle Cards. That crazy new idea that you have? It's totally valid and you should absolutely act on it! That repetitive thought that you can't shake? Yup, that's totally your divine inspiration! Listen to that!! Crab Apples blossom and bloom in the spring time and spring is here for us energetically and seasonally in the Northern Hemisphere. It's a time of blossoms and blooms

and allowing new ideas to not only inspire you but to take root and grow into big, bold, beautiful manifestations. Don't judge it. Don't doubt it. Don't try to talk yourself (or think yourself) out of it. Trust it. Act on it. Lean into it. Don't worry about the timing. Just as the seasons are showing us right now that life will continue to go on regardless of global pandemics, we must think ahead, forge ahead, and sometimes that might mean changing directions or being guided to explore a new path entirely. Divinely guided and inspired new ideas aren't meant to be ignored. They're not meant to be waited on because they don't believe in better timing (and what does that even mean anyway?!) They're not meant to be whispered about or sheltered quietly in the depths of our minds and cockles of our hearts. Nope, they're meant to be shared. They need air to bloom and grow! They're fed by excitement! They multiply through the energy of shared perspective. Just like when you see the gorgeous blooms on a crab apple tree in the spring time, you want to share that with others, so that everyone can take in it's beauty and it's message, and it's divinely orchestrated perfection, when you share your divinely inspired idea you are also allowing others to share in the beauty and the wisdom of nature and the divine as well - you're giving them a gift! Give yourself the gift of opening to new ideas and embracing, sharing, and celebrating what comes in!

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