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Intend Miraculous Achievements In Your Life

Our Divine Download for September 25, 2022 is Miracles/Ancient Wisdom and Achievement/Effort Plus Intention from The Priestess of Light Oracle Cards. What a fantastic Divine Download! This is our reminder that miracles are all around us and that they happen to us and for us every single day (Every. Single. Day.!!!) We don't always notice the miracles in our lives because we choose to define miracles as only those ginormous over the top types of miracles and we limit ourselves, and the universe in doing so. This is also a reminder about achievement, which we have also skewed the meaning of for ourselves and as a society as a whole. If effort plus intention equals achievement, we are achieving a hell of a lot more than we think we are. And those achievements are creating miracles and movement within our lives! Are we living in a mindful, intentional way? Or are we just going through the motions and letting life happen to us and happen for us? Because you are being told that right now, more so that usual, you have the ability to create miracles in your life through the power of intention. So what do you intend? What will you intend? What miracles are you going to create in your life today? Tomorrow? This week? This year? And will your celebrate the miracles that you create as such? Or will you let them pass by unacknowledged, and pass them off as mundane? Effort obviously plays a big part in our miraculous achievement formula too, and this is your guidance that you actually need to DO the work. Don't talk about it. Don't think about it. Just do it. When you do, and you do so with intention, that is when these miraculous achievements will come in for you. (Please not that intending to do the things just isn't going to cut it right now lol). So get busy to intending your miracles and see just how many achievements you can unlock in your life!

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