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Invest In Expressing Gratitude

Our Divine Download for November 29, 2022 is No More Complaining from the Angels of Abundance Oracle Cards. When we complain, we are affirming to the universe that we want more of that very thing we are complaining about. Whoops. Chances are that if we are complaining about something it is because we DON'T want it to be as it is, much less do we want more of it. But we all slip and we all do it. When we are mindful of what we are saying, what we are thinking, and what we are writing (especially when we text or direct message), we can catch ourselves and stop complaining it it's tracks. This isn't to say that we have to walk around blowing sunshine up everyone's asses, or pretend that everything in our lives is exactly as we want it to be. But, we DO need to be conscious of what we are speaking into existence as well as how much energy we are paying our blessings versus how much energy we are paying our alleged burdens. We live in a society of serial complainers where giving more energy to our burdens just seems to be expected and accepted. But we also live in a society of largely unhappy and disconnected people. Probably not coincidence, especially since I don't believe in that word. Challenge yourself to give more energy and pay more attention to your blessings than to your burden. When you catch yourself complaining, flip that script by expressing gratitude for two things instead. Invest your time, your energy, and your attention in what you want. Don't verbally affirm that which you do not.

Complaining can very much be a learned behavior and one that is often passed down through genetic family lines. An Energetic Cord Cutting can remove the negative cords of attachment you and your ancestors have to complaining and poverty consciousness. Schedule Your Energetic Cord Cutting Here: Book Your Session HERE!

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