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Invest In Your Friendships

Our Divine Download for June 14, 2023 is Friendship from the Magical Messages From The Mermaids Oracle Cards. Friends are so very important. It's important for us to have supportive, balanced friendships, and it's also important for us to be good, supportive friends as well. Take and inventory and an honest look at how your friendships are fairing these days. Are you putting the appropriate amount of time and energy into your friendships? Has life taken over and caused you to maybe inadvertently neglect some friendships that are important to you? Are you giving and receiving from your friendships in equal measure? Are you prioritizing spending time with your friends? Having fun with your friends? Do you remember when the last time you did that was? Does it still look the same to you to spend quality time with and have fun with your friends? Society doesn't make it easy for us to do many of these things, so we really have to put our proverbial money where our mouth is when it comes to making sure that we are investing our energy in those people and those relationships who are truly important to us, feed our soul, and support our growth.

Are you a good friend to yourself first and foremost? When was the last time you invested in yourself with some self-care or me time? An Integrative Reiki Session is the perfect way to do just that. When you invest in yourself in this way, you open up space in your aura and in your life to allow you to bring in more fulfilling, balanced relationships of all kinds. Schedule your Integrative Reiki Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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