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Invest In Your Rest

Our Divine Download for January 5, 2023 is Get Some Rest from the Butterfly Oracle Cards for Life Changes. Yesterday we were asked to assess our self care, and today we are being gently reminded that rest needs to be a big priority for us right now. We are undergoing a big change and transformation this year, and rest will be a necessary part of that. Just as the caterpillar takes rest within their cocoon, we too need to find the time and space to rest and withdraw to allow our transformation to unfold in the most seamless way possible. We live in a society that promotes a go-go-go type of mentality and it isn't healthy and it isn't helpful. It doesn't serve us as we are not meant to be human doings, rather, we are human beings. Our state of being is best supported by getting adequate rest. There are so very many obstacles to us resting and achieving quality, restorative rest. Our own mindset can be one of the biggest. But time, stress, expectations, responsibilities can all play a part too. This is your affirmation that when you prioritize rest, you will actually be creating time in your life. By investing in yourself through rest, you are making the space in your life for more and greater availability of time. It sounds counter intuitive, but it is funny how that works and it works every time! Rest does not always have to equal sleep either. Rest can be quiet moments. It can be simply allowing your body to be still. Rest can look different ways for different people at different times. Figure out what rest looks like and what rest needs to look like for you right now, and invest in your rest.

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