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It's All Good

Our Divine Download for August 25, 2020 is A Favorable Outcome from the Archangel Michael Oracle Cards. You've been waiting and you've been worrying and here's your sign: things are absolutely going to go your way! This is your "YES!" So there's no need to worry, there's no need to ruminate. There's no need to mentally run 10,000 different potential outcomes or scenarios. Because it's going to be okay. It's going to be better than okay. It's going to be favorable! For YOU! Now, not to split hairs, but favorable does not mean that it is going to go exactly the way that you want it to go or that it's going to turn out exactly the way that you were hoping that it would. But it WILL be favorable for you. It WILL be in your best interest, and in the best interest of others involved as well. So surrender. Surrender to the favorable outcome that the Universe has in store for you. When you let go of your worry, when you surrender your need to control, you allow the favorable outcome to come to you that much quicker and that much more smoothly than it would have otherwise. You can expect a favorable outcome. You should expect a favorable outcome. You have been promised a favorable outcome. You can even affirm "I will enjoy my favorable outcome" or "I look forward to my favorable outcome" or "Thank you for my favorable outcome" every time that worry energy enters your mind. Affirmations work wonders to shush that worry energy and align you with the favorable outcome you seek. You can relax into the knowledge that your Angels and your Guides have this handled, and even Archangel Michael is working to ensure that you receive the favorable outcome that you've been promised. Breathe out worry, breathe in assurance of favorable outcomes. It's all happening! And it's all good!

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