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It's Easy!

Our Divine Download for April 13, 2021 is Easy Does It from the Magical Messages from the Fairies Oracle Cards. Easy does it is our gentle reminder that now is not the time for us to be pushy, to push forward, or to try to push our own agendas. This is a time of intentional surrender to going with the flow of the Universe and allowing that which is meant for you to come to you with ease. Ease is the name of the game here. When was the last time that you experienced ease in your life? Are you ready to allow ease to come to you now? Do you feel uneasy about living a life of ease? When we try to push our own agenda, regardless of the struggle, when we try to control the feelings, actions, and decisions of others, we're telling the Universe that we do not want to, or are not willing to accept Universal help and support. We're effectively showing the Universe that we know better. And, we probably don't. So why would be want to try and control and push an agenda that is less than what we want, less than what we deserve, and lesser than what the Universe intends for us?! Ultimately, this is probably not our best laid plan. Often we slip into patterns of control when our impatience is running amuck, causing us to question and doubt Universal timing. Usually, this doesn't ever end up working out particularly well for us. Wouldn't it be easier to just trust? Wouldn't it be easier to just accept and believe? Again, ease is the name of the game. If you are hitting dead ends and struggling to push forward with something, no matter what it is, try backing off for a bit. Not now does not mean not ever. But sometimes there can be magical serendipity in waiting rather than pushing. Do an honest inventory of self right now and look at where you have been struggling or pushing. Ask your Angels to help you make tweaks and changes which will bring in more ease to these situations. Easy does it, because the best is truly yet to come.

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