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Just Do You As Only You Can

Our Divine Download for Thursday April 23, 2020 is Surrender Comparisons with Other People from the Power of Surrender Cards. Surrender Comparisons with Other People?! BOOM! I truly could not love this card more. It's screaming "just do you boo-boo!" and there is nothing more fiercely empowering that that! Put your blinders on. Focus on yourself. Focus on your strengths. Your talents. Your uniqueness. Your inner power. Your animal spirit. Your beauty. Your talent. Your love. Focus on everything that is uniquely and wonderfully you! It's okay to notice that your you-ness is different than others them-ness. And that's the way that it's supposed to be. If there's something about yourself that you're not absolutely 100% crazy in love with, then it's okay to effect change and tweak it so that you are. Because YOU want to. Not because you want to be like someone else, and definitely not because you're different than someone else. When you surrender comparing yourself with others, you open up a space to celebrate yourself for all the glorious ways that you are uniquely and wonderfully you. Even though you may think that you want to be like others because they're thinner or make more money or are happily married, or drive a newer car, or whatever it is that has you stuck on the comparison merry-go-round, in truth, I promise you, that you do not actually want to be like them in those ways. Nothing is ever as it seems from the outside looking in. So you're not actually comparing yourself with someone else, you're comparing yourself with their illusion! You're competing with someone who doesn't even actually exist! When you surrender the need for this useless comparison, you also empower yourself to address the things about yourself that you can work on and change because YOU (and you alone) want to change them. And nothing is more empowering than that!

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