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Karmic Relationships to Grow By

Our Divine Download for September 28, 2021 is Karmic Relationships from The Starseed Oracle Cards. I am asked frequently about both karmic relationships and soul mate relationships and I have come to realize that there are very many mis-perceptions about both topics. I've said before that karma sort of gets a bad rap in its own right because we associate karma with a punishment for perceived bad behavior. We look at the universe as punishing rather than supporting and karma is the vehicle with which it punishes. Karma, good or bad (you'll notice that I said GOOD too!) is a means for us to experience and recycle different energies and a way for us to learn the lessons that our souls have been tasked with learning. And learning is good! Learning is cool! Some karma feels dark or heavy because perhaps we didn't get around to a certain learning in our last life time and now we're rinsing and repeating those associated lessons. It happens. These types of lessons don't have to be defining moments and they don't have to be big deals. Ever run the washing machine and forget about a load of wet clothes for a day or two (or a week)? Karmic lessons don't have to be any more serious than that! Karmic relationships exist to help us learn and grow. Sometimes that learning and growing and those associated lessons are fun and easy. Sometimes they are difficult and can feel all encompassing, even overwhelming. Some karmic relationships are from past lives because our souls made an agreement or signed a cosmic contract requiring us and our karmic relationship person to learn one particular lesson together. Karmic relationships don't have to be lifelong. Some will be for a reason, some will be for a season within our lifetime, and some will be life long, for better or for worse. Take an inventory of your existing relationships, especially those where you put substantial energy and spend substantial time. Ask yourself if you are learning and growing within or from that relationship. If not, it may be time to make some adjustments with how you're prioritizing your time among your relationships.

When you've had revolving patterns within certain relationships and you feel as though you cannot quite learn the lesson or complete the karmic circle, it can be the perfect question to ask for a One Question Channeled Reading. Ask Your Question Today: Ask Your Question HERE!


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