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Keep On Down Your Road

Our Divine Download for January 22, 2021 is Choose a New Direction and Don't Stop! from the Angel Answers Oracle Cards. We're being gently and lovingly guided to continue moving forward, even if and when obstacles appear in our path. If and when those obstacles do appear in our path, we are being cautioned not to stop, to continue moving forward, continue making progress. But, we may need to choose a slightly different direction, to veer off of our path just for a moment, to pivot, in order to move around those obstacles. Sometimes lateral steps are still steps forward in the end. Not all forward movement and forward progress needs to have rocket-like trajectory. We have a tendency when obstacles appear in our path, regardless of their nature, to see them as signs from the Universe that we're on the wrong path or that we're not supposed to be doing what we're doing. But, sometimes obstacles really are just obstacles. Sometimes it is truly that simple and we do not need to overthink them and make them bigger or more meaningful than they actually are. It is the same with choosing a new direction. Sometimes that may just mean taking a small step off of our current path in order to side step the would be obstacle. Sometimes it may mean that we need to back track substantially in order to make a different turn at a previous fork on our road. Other times still, it may mean that we have to find a whole new way to travel, a whole new way to move forward because we have to go over or under the obstacle. When we are connected to the divine and secure in our faith, and connected to and listening to ourselves, it becomes SO much easier to simply make these pivots. Our lives can be choreographed to feel as though we are dancing along our paths, even as we pivot around obstacles, if we choose to allow ourselves the joy and the security of being in the divine flow. Yes, everything happens for a reason. But those reasons don't always have to be deep and fraught with esoteric meaning. Things very much can be just as they appear. So commit to being in the flow and light on your feet to allow yourself to side step whatever obstacles present in your path in order to allow yourself to continue moving forward. It's an onward and upward type of year.

It can be hard to move forward, and harder still to choose a new direction when obstacles appear in our path when we are not connected to the Universe and feel as though we have to walk alone along our journey. A 60 Minute Angel Card Reading can help you connect with your Angels and their Universal Wisdom to help you recognize your best and easiest path towards joy. Book your session Here!

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