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Keep On Keepin' On

Our Divine Download for July 19, 2021 is You're on the Right Path from the Life Purpose Oracle Cards, bringing us the message "Keep doing what you're doing, because it's working." Well alrighty then! This is good news, this is great news! This is the reassurance that we've been looking for, wanting, and needing. It's a jungle our there, and there is so much that exists for us right now to confuse us and to cloud our vision, so it can be difficult, even really challenging to know if we're headed in the right direction when we just don't always feel as though we can see the forest through the trees. But we are. We. Are. YOU ARE. When we receive beautiful messages of reassurance like this from the Universe, our ego likes to tempt us to be quite literal and quite rigid about the whole "keep doing what you're doing" part of the message. Yes, we are doing well. Yes, we are heading in the right direction. We are doing well and moving forward because we have been connecting with our spirituality and receiving guidance from spirit and acting on it accordingly. We're doing well because we're doing the work. So don't stop now! And definitely don't dig in your heals and decide to be stubborn and declare yourself done when this is not what spirit is saying to us. Spirit is gently and lovingly guiding us to continue taking the steps and taking the actions that we have been taking. You can also see that our Angel on this card has her face turned towards the heavens and is receiving the light of divine inspiration through her third eye chakra. THIS is exactly what we are being guided to do. We are to keep our heads up, keeping ourselves open and alert for the divine inspiration that surrounds us, and continue to take action on the guidance and inspiration that we receive. Ultimately, this is a pretty simple and easy forward for success! So keep on keeping on! Keep doing what you've been doing, and be open to and prepared for the guidance of your next best steps. You're on the Right Path. What you're doing is working. And it's all going to be amazing!

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