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Laugh It All Off

Our Divine Download for August 27, 2020 is Sense of Humor from the Archangel Michael Oracle Cards. It's time to lighten up! It's time to laugh at the ridiculousness and the absurdity that we see around us instead of dwelling in frustration and angry awe. It's time to seek out opportunities which will allow us to lighten up and experience and express a lightness of being. It's time to connect with people that help to lighten our energies and buoy our spirits. Yes, it's true, things will still likely be the same macrocosmically if you take a laugh break and seek to have a sense of humor about all things inane and mundane. But you know what will be different? You. How you react. How your energy field operates and perceives the world. Your threshold for frustration will be lower. The tension that you hold in your physical body will be lessened and even your blood pressure can receive a positive effect. Plus you know what? Things are a whole heck of a lot easier and life is a whole heck of a lot more fun when we can exercise our sense of humor regularly. Challenge yourself to find one thing to laugh at today. One thing where you would normally be annoyed or launch into a fit of frustration, and see if you can find, see if you can feel the humor in that situation. Challenge yourself to make time to laugh every single day. Challenge yourself to a day or a week where you can let levity be the rule rather than the exception. Find things that you can let go of. When we let go of things that we don't need, don't serve us, or that we don't need to be carrying, a natural lightening of spirit occurs. When our spirit is lighter, it becomes easier to focus on and participate with higher vibrational things, like laughter. Laughter and levity can add years to your life. They have a host of health benefits. Give yourself permission. Even when things seem dire, even when the world is seemingly demanding that you be serious and steadfast all of the time, make it a priority to exercise your sense of humor. Make it a priority to laugh! You'll feel so much better once you do!

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