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Lead By Following Your True North

Our Divine Download for September 7, 2020 is Leadership/North Star from the Sacred Destiny Oracle Cards. When you are guided by the stars, and you are guided by your heart, you are in alignment with Universal energies and it is then that you are living your most authentic life. When you are living your most authentic life, you cannot help but become a beacon for those who have not yet experienced their full unfolding or the full blossoming of their authenticity. Your light shines for them in the darkness and you inspire and lead by your example of merely being fully, authentically you. It's time to step fully into the light and to take your leadership role without apology and fully embracing your full authentic power. Own your gifts. You are a teacher, a guardian, a leader - a true leader. Do not hold yourself back! Do not dim your light. The world has enough darkness and needs you to light the way for others to see, find, and experience their own light as well. Come into the light and let the world see you there in all of your authentic glory. If you have been hiding in the background, it's time for you to stop that nonsense. No more hiding. No more playing small. It's time for you to break out and to become the light for others. As you do this, you will shine even brighter, and so in turn will they, and so in turn will the world be a lighter, brighter, more beautiful place. The best leaders are those who know how to help others reach for and achieve their dreams. But you don't need to know how to do that the minute you decide to allow your light to shine! Those opportunities will come to you and for you over time, and you will rise up and meet them as they are illuminated for you. One step at a time. Out of the darkness into the light. Being lead by heart and by the light of the stars in the sky. Never f