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Leap of Faith

Our Divine Download for September 26, 2020 is Jump In from The Starseed Oracle cards. Now is not the time for playing it safe. Now is the time to embrace, and even create adventure. It's a time to leap without looking because your faith assures you that what is on the other side is better, and is safe. Being willing to take a leap of faith does not ensure that everything will go smoothly, or that everything will go right once we have leapt. That's just not how life works. There are always ups and down, always waves, and the best lessons are often found underneath the most turbulent waters. But we're being encouraged, called on, to learn to enjoy surfing the waves of life. We're being called to seek out more adventures. We're being called to say YES! to a lot (A. LOT.) more things. In those choose your own adventure books, there is never an option not to choose! When we say yes and we choose the adventure and embrace the transient nature of our lives and of life in general, we embrace and enhance our own adaptability. We learn not only to find calm in the chaos, but we become the calm within the chaos of life. Flow with the tides. If you're being guided to jump in or to jump at an amazing opportunity, don't weigh it, don't wait for permission. JUMP. If you wait until you feel ready, the time will never come and you will never jump. You're already on the edge, you're already facing the right direction, the only thing left to do is actually jump. Maybe even take a deep breath, and take a running jump right on in. Life bends to the courageous and you are being asked to muster your courage and just jump right on in. You are not here to be passive. You're here to fully live. So, you might as well turn that encouragement to jump in into a running, flying leap!

When you're still unsure and you just need a bit more encouragement before taking a leap of faith, your Angels will offer it up in spades during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Book a Session!


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