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Leap Towards Your Dreams

Our Divine Download for August 16, 2022 is Penguin/Trust in your dreams from the Feathered Omens Messenger Birds from the Spirit World oracle cards. Penguins wings do not allow them to fly, but rather are built to serve as fins and help penguins navigate their movement through the water. Watery environments are the archetypal symbol of the divine feminine, part of which is the dream dimension. Penguin comes in for us now to alert us that our dreams are now empowered. Now is the time to act on our dreams. Penguins can jump 5-6 feet out of the water and land on their feet and in the same way, now is the time for us to take the leap to pursue our own dreams, secure int he knowledge that we are practically guaranteed to land on our own feet. Now is the time to take tangible action steps to make your dreams a reality. Your nighttime dreams may be increasingly lucid and colorful right now, even trending towards the prophetic, providing you guidance to handle situations in your every day waking life. You can even partner with your higher self or subconscious at this time to use your dream time to solve problems and to show you the best way to pursue your goals. Trust in your dreams. Trust in your imagination. Trust in your creativity (didn't we JUST have a message about your creative cycles?!...) The opportunity that you have been asking for has arrived. Now is the time to act. Any delays that you experience right now towards pursuing your dreams does not mean that they won't happen or that they won't come true, it simply means that there are still loose ends to tie up and you have a little bit more footwork you need to do towards that end before taking that final leap. Do not allow fear of potential change to hold you back because now is also the time to face your fears. When you are truly prepared, the fears will lessen as you step out softly in pursuit of your dreams.

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