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Learn a Lil Each Day

Our Divine Download for March 26, 2022 is Study & Learning from the Angel Prayers Oracle Cards. Every single day is a learning opportunity. We are not ever done learning. Not. Ever. Our souls have traveled the universe learning what life is all about. Our Angels are asking that we look at the challenges that we face in our lives to see where the learning opportunities exist for us. What are you learning? Are you willing to ask yourself "What is this teaching me?" Consider meditating on this question and be aware of and receptive to and thoughts or intuitive flashes, even memories which may come up for you in this space as they are part of your soul teaching you what you need to know right now at this point in your life. Call on your Angels to support and guide you through the process of this learning, and any formal learning that you may undertake in your life time. Is it time for you to consider some more formal learning? Is there something that you have always wanted to learn but have perhaps put off or shied away from? Have you given yourself credit for the learning that you have done lately? What about for the learning that you have done throughout your lifetime? Have you celebrated yourself? The learning process? The gift of being able to learn? When you decide to embrace each and every day as a learning opportunity, you will blow yourself away at just how far you can and will progress through your soul learning with this commitment and this mindset. Happy studying!

When you have seemingly repeated similar challenging situations over and over and over again, it can be extra challenging to step back from them and contemplate what these patterns are trying to teach you. Your Angels will share their perspective and gently point out your lessons during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Book Your Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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